If you are ever looking for some advice, contact Dr. Minagar. He is here to help with any questions about entering the medical field. Alireza Minagar MD is really passionate about helping those who want to enter medicine. Therefore, by filling out the form below, each of your questions can be answered. He says for students pursuing a medical degree, that it is the most rewarding profession. It is both rewarding but also extremely challenging. The formula to success does not happen overnight and requires many years of perfecting your craft.

Dr. Alireza believes that from the many years of experience he has had as a doctor, he should share with others. For anyone looking into the field of medicine or contemplating if they are in the right field, fill out the form below. He is a big believer in paying it forward and helping those when he received the same gratitude of help before. People who are interested in becoming a doctor must take into account the long hours required in this profession. They also must realize the honor it is, to help patients who need it.

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