Who is Dr. Alireza Minagar?

Dr. Alireza is both a Doctor and Professor of Neurology for the LSU Health Sciences in Shreveport, Louisiana. Since emigrating from Iran, Alireza has built a life for himself and his family in the United States. Before this transition, he always knew wherever he would end up, it would be pursuing a career in the field of medicine. Therefore, once he obtained his medical degree from Tehran University of Iran, he moved to the USA; where he completed several internships at both NY Medical College and Mount Vernon Hospital.

Dr.Alireza Minagar 1

Minagar MD has always had an interest in the human nervous system. By trade, Alireza is a neuroimmunologist. It is both a fascinating and complex field to examine. The human brain is a concept that is mostly unknown to the human body. His innovate ideas have been transferred into books, textbooks and several published articles. Currently, Dr. Alireza Minagar is focusing his efforts on another book that would highlight the mechanisms of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration of the human brain. This study helps to further investigate the causes and signs of the disease itself. As both an educator and medical caregiver, his efforts to make a difference, are taken to account on all fronts. He continuously looks forward to sharing his ideas with his students and colleagues.

Also, in his spare time, Alireza enjoys painting portraits to destress. He spends a lot of time with his wife and two sons, making great family memories!