Dr. Alireza Minagar has worked in the field of medicine for over 30 years. Throughout his life, he has been both a doctor and educator. He believes the best experience he has received, have been from doctors who have shared their expertise. It is important to use the knowledge we have learnt to help better the younger generation. The world of medicine is everchanging and therefore, there is always something new to learn! Making the choice to enter the field of medicine, is a decision Dr. Alireza Minagar believes is established early on. Ever since he was younger, he knew he would enter the field of medicine. He brings young enthusiasm to his students on an everyday basis. It is imperative that people who are looking to become a doctor, know what the lifestyle entails. Dr. Minagar expresses the need to have a passion for what you are doing. Without passion for your work, it will be hard to excel in any position for that matter.

Dr. Alireza Minagar's Legacy

Dr. Minagar hopes that his efforts to spread his knowledge about medicine will be remembered by others in the future. He has been a staple in the creation of innovating concepts.